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Mini Car Refrigerator

7.5L Portable Cooling
and Warming Refrigerator

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Advantages of the Mini Car Refrigerator

«Mini Car Refrigerator»

A perfect item for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time driving and gets hungry and thirsty on the road. Imagine a long stretch of highway without a cool drink to sip! You’ll be able to have a drink for everyone with this fridge, or keep snacks nice and cool (or hot) for those extended times with civilization in sight!

Cooler and Warmer Dual Mode-The Mini Car Refrigerator uses semiconductor technology and has a powerful dual system of cooling and heating for easy switching between cooling and heating.

Environmental protection without fluorine pollution, small volume, light weight, long service life.

A quiet motor and fan circulate air for even cooling/heating.

How To Use

1.The car engine is required.
2.Make sure the switch at the side of the cooler and warmer is in OFF state, and then insert the plug of the power cord into the socket of the unit.
3.Insert the plug of the cigarette lighter into the car.
4.Cooling: set the power switch at the position of COOLING. The green indicator will be on indicating the unit is in the cooling mode.
5.Heating: set the power switch at the position of HEATING. The red indicator will be on indicating the unit is in the heating mode.

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